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Hope everyone is enjoying their first week of school and trying to stay cool in this heat wave.  We had a very busy summer with Chess Camp and Lego Camp.  Thank you to everyone who attended.  We hope all our campers had a great time!

We will be starting up City Chess Club for elementary students later this month.  Our first day, September 26th, is an open house so please drop by for a complimentary visit.  Registration can be done onsite or by filling in the form below and sending it to us.

City Chess Club Flyer-2018 -19 (1)

Tournament dates are being finalized and will be uploaded as soon as they’re confirmed.  Wishing everyone a great 2018-2019 school year!


Mr. Lee



Summer Camp 2018

If you are still looking for quality, educational and fun camps for your child, look no further.  We still have some space in Chess Camp 2018 and Lego Camp 2018.  For more information, check out the “What’s Happening” section.

Completed registration forms, Chess Camp Registration Form 2018Lego Camp Registration Form 2018, along with payment can be mailed to London Chess Promotions, 38 Afton Road, London, ON N5Z 4A1.  We also accept e-transfers which can be sent to



2018 Grade by Grade Chess Championship

On Wednesday, March 28th, London Chess Promotions hosted the 26th annual Grade by Grade Chess Championship at the Hellenic Community Centre. The event welcomed close to 700 elementary students competing for the title of “City Champion” for their grade.

Thank you to all of the coaches, parents and teachers who helped facilitate this year’s event . A big thank you also to our volunteer score keepers and a special thank you to the Byron Optimist Club for their continued support and sponsorship of this annual event!



1st     Rachel J.	Stoney Creek
2nd   	Cara L.       	Arthur Stringer
3rd    	Jenny F.     	River Heights
4th    	Julia D. 	Stoney Creek
5th   	Carrie Z. 	Stoney Creek
6th    	Jannat G. 	Cedar Hollow
7th    	Emily D. 	North Meadows
8th    	Jayden D. 	Ashley Oaks
1st 	Layla 		Ashley Oaks
2nd 	Marley 		Ashley Oaks
3rd 	Berina 		Stoney Creek
4th 	Aseel 		Ashley Oaks
5th 	Jana 		Stoney Creek
6th 	Allison 	Riverside
7th 	Mariya 		Riverside
8th 	Ainsleigh 	Parkview
1st 	Remal 		Cedar Hollow
2nd 	Charlotte 	Byron Somerset
3rd 	Vivian 		Ashley Oaks
4th 	Natalia 	Our Lady of Lourdes
5th 	Cadence 	Infinity School
6th 	Meriem 		Northdale
7th 	Mick 		Our Lady of Lourdes
8th 	Gwen 		Caradoc North
1st 	Julianna 	Northridge
2nd 	Julia 		Byron Northview
3rd 	Charlotte C. 	Lord Roberts
4th 	Ally 		London Christian Elementary
5th 	McKenna 	Byron Somerset
6th 	Samah 		Ashley Oaks
7th 	Layba 		Cedar Hollow
8th 	Kayla 		Byron Somerset
1st 	Alex 		Byron Northview
2nd 	Isabelle 	Byron Somerset
3rd 	Saba 		Ashley Oaks
4th 	Magdelena 	St. Mary's
5th 	Danielle 	North Meadows
6th 	Jana 		Stoney Creek
7th 	Leah 		Covenant Christian School
8th 	Hannah 		St. Mary's
1st 	Annalise H.	Home School
2nd 	Adrianna B. 	St. Patrick
3rd 	Klare B. 	Stoney Creek
4th 	Lydia B.	Home School
5th 	Bekah S. 	Covenant Christian
6th 	Emily V. 	North Meadows
7th 	Sarah E. 	Home School
8th 	Rachel K. 	London Christian Elementary


1st 	Colby B. 	Westmount
2nd 	Kyle R. 	Riverside
3rd 	Elijah D.	Highday
4th 	Noah
5th 	Max G. 		River Heights
6th 	Jack B. 	W.S. Fox
7th 	Philip C. 	Lord Roberts
8th 	Lincoln H. 	Riverside
1st 	Jason S. 	Byron Somerset
2nd 	Ryan D. 	Byron Somerset
3rd 	Jerry J. 	Cedar Hollow
4th 	Gavin B. 	Cambridge Chess Club
5th 	Noland L. 	Northridge
6th 	Matthew M. 	Covenant Christian
7th 	Marcus W. 	Home School
8th 	Abdulrahman A.	Stoney Creek
1st 	Thomas O. 	W.S. Fox
2nd 	Brian J. 	Stoney Creek
3rd 	Kashi N. 	Infinity School
4th 	Robert M. 	Covenant Christian
5th 	Lucas W.
6th 	Adam L. 	Byron Northview
7th 	Curtis W. 	Covenant Christian
8th 	Tyler M. 	Northdale
1st 	Nathan F. 	High Day
2nd 	Yaian S. 	Ashley Oaks
3rd 	Rayan M. 	Matthews Hall
4th 	Bennett H. 	Byron Northview
5th 	Trevor M. 	Ashley Oaks
6th 	Alec T. 	Montessori
7th 	Ben B. 		East Oxford
8th 	Landon B. 	Ashley Oaks
1st 	Samuel O. 	Home School
2nd 	Caleb B. 
3rd 	Yankarlo 	Notre Dame
4th 	Kaden D. 	Caradoc North
5th 	Jared G. 	Matthews Hall
6th 	Travis L. 	Covenant Christian
7th 	Liam D. 	W. S. Fox
8th 	Aiden 		Covenant Christian
1st 	Nathan C. 	Lord Roberts
2nd 	Stavro F. 	Byron Somerset
3rd 	Andrew S. 	Matthews Hall
4th 	Robert O. 	Byron Somerset
5th 	Raymond T. 	Stoney Creek
6th 	Abdul F. 	W. S. Fox
7th 	Alend M. 	Ashley Oaks
8th 	Pano F. 	Byron Somerset

Congratulations to all winners!

For those interested in competing at the provincial level, the Ontario Youth Championship is scheduled for May 12 & 13, 2018 in Kitchener.  Registration information can be found at


Mon-Fai Lee



LEGO Camp 2018!!!

Registration has begun for our very popular LEGO Camp.  Please register your child early to avoid disappointment.  It fills up fast!

Lego Camp Flyer 2018 – complete and send with payment to London Chess Promotions, 38 Afton Road, London N5Z 4A1

Email registrations also accepted.  Please use the following form, save and email with e-transfer and password to  Lego Camp Registration Form 2018 (fillable).

Chess Camp is July 9 – 13, 2018.  Chess Camp flyer will be available soon.  If you would like to pre-register, please use the following form, save and email with e-transfer and password to  Chess Camp Registration Form 2018-fillable.


Mr. Lee

Another Year!

Happy Holidays!  As we usher in a new year, we stop to think of all we have accomplished in 2017.  It was another busy year for London Chess Promotions with chess lessons in schools, hosting clubs, tournaments and camps.  We are thankful for the opportunity to work with so many amazing schools and children.

2018 is off and running with chess lessons in school resuming tomorrow and Winter Session of City Chess Club on Wednesday, January 10th.  We look forward to seeing our club members and hope to see many new ones.  Remember that our first day is always an open house so everyone is welcome to stop by for a complimentary visit.

Information for the Teams Tournament and 26th Annual Grade by Grade Chess tournament will be emailed next week.  School Chess Coaches, please check your in box for your package.

Summer Camp Update

Chess Camp (July 9 – 13, 2018) and LEGO Camp (July 23 – 27, 2018) brochures will be available soon.  If you would like to pre-register your child, please use the attached registration forms.  Payment options accepted are cheque or e-transfer.  All 2017 campers will be sent the brochures as soon as they’re available.

Chess Camp Registration Form 2018

Lego Camp Registration Form 2018

Wishing everyone a fantastic year!


Mr. Lee


Autumn Classic Tournament & Club Update

Do you like to compete?  Come test your skills at our first tournament of the school year.  Join us on Wednesday, October 18, 6:40pm at London Waldorf School.  Registration can be done onsite.  Hope to see many of you there.

Autumn Classic 2017

Club Update

There will be no chess club on November 8 due to an event at London Waldorf.  Chess club will be extended an extra week ending on  December 6 instead of November 29.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


Mr. Lee