2017 Summer Camps

Details for our very popular summer camps have been finalized and we’re ready to accept registrations.  Please check out the flyers located under “2017 Summer Camps”.

Chess Camp is the week of July 10th and LEGO Camp is the week of July 24th.  We have many fun and exciting activities planned for both weeks.  Please sign up early to ensure a spot for your child.


Register your child for both camps and receive complimentary before and after care.  That’s an $80.00 saving!

Best regards,

Mon-Fai Lee



Tournament, Tournaments

Happy 2017!  Can you believe it?  We’re half way through January already yet it seems like the new school year just began.  My how time flies.

We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting our 25th Grade by Grade Chess Championship in March.  To celebrate this milestone, we will be  holding 2 tournaments; March 28th & March 29th.  Information packages have already been emailed to all schools.  If you did not receive yours, check out the “What’s Happening” section for more information.  To ensure you receive future emails, please email Anthony van de Ven at gradebygrade@gmail.com.

The annual Teams Tournament will take place the following week on Friday, April 7th.  Thank you to St. Catherine of Siena for hosting this year’s event.

Please note that registrations for the Grade by Grade and the Teams Tournament are through schools only!  Individual registrations will not be accepted.

If you are interested in competing outside of school hours, we have 2 tournaments coming up; our Winter Classic on February 1st and the LCP Spring on March 1st.  These tournaments take place in the evening and are held at the London Waldorf School on Beaufort Street.  Registration forms can be found under “Tournaments”.


Mon-Fai Lee


Summer is Almost Here…

Summer is almost here and that means LEGO Camp and Chess Camp is less than a couple of months away.

Please note that This n That Camp has been cancelled.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused the families who had enrolled their child and hope that, if they haven’t already, they will consider enrolling in LEGO and or Chess Camp.

Registration has been steady but we do still have a couple of spaces available in either camp.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Mon-Fai Lee


Photos from the 2016 Grade by Grade Chess Tournament have now been uploaded.  Select the “Tournaments” section to view.



We still have space available in our 3 camps;

  • LEGO – Jul y 4th – 8th
  • Chess – July 18th – 22nd
  • This and That – August 2nd – 5th

For camp information, please go to the 2016 Summer Camps under the “What’s Happening” section.

Hurry as space is limited.





Tournament Results

2016 Grade by Grade Tournament Results

Elementary Division

Grade 3 – Boys

  • 1st           Kareem O. – Matthews Hall
  • 2nd          Teodor N.
  • 3rd          Abdulmohaimen A. – Ashley Oaks
  • 4th          Thomas O. – W Sherwood Fox
  • 5th          Grayson G. – Lambeth
  • 6th          Rowan P. – River Heights
  • 7th          Fayne W. – Pierre Elliott Trudeau
  • 8th          Tyler B.

Grade 4 – Boys

  • 1st           Yazan S. – Ashley Oaks
  • 2nd          Hoon J. – Stoney Creek
  • 3rd          Sean S. – Strathroy Community Christian
  • 4th          Alec T. – Montesssori
  • 5th          Rayan M. – Matthews Hall
  • 6th          Jeevan J.  St. Michael
  • 7th          Cole L. – East Oxford
  • 8th          Trevor M. – Ashley Oaks

Grade 5 – Boys

  • 1st           Riley – East Oxford
  • 2nd          Mohammed S. – Ashley Oakes
  • 3rd          Shamim – Byron Somerset
  • 4th          Caleb – High Day
  • 5th          Viljar – Ryerson
  • 6th          Mahmoud – Riverside
  • 7th          Jewan M. – Strathroy Community Christian
  • 8th          Ethan – Wilfrid Jury

Grade 6 – Boys

  • 1st           Nathan C. – Lord Roberts
  • 2nd          Raymond T. – Stoney Creek
  • 3rd          Steven – Pearson
  • 4th          Adam O. – Matthews Hall
  • 5th          Ben S. – St. Catherine of Siena
  • 6th          Dominic O. – W. Sherwood Fox
  • 7th          Hasan C. – Riverside
  • 8th          Silas B. – Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Grade 7 – Boys

  • 1st           Adam L. – Pearson
  • 2nd          Jason A. – Riverside
  • 3rd          Cole M. – Matthews Hall
  • 4th          Molik S. – Ashley Oaks
  • 5th          Alexander W. – Matthews Hall
  • 6th          Will M. – Ryerson
  • 7th          Colin H. – Riverside
  • 8th          Aidan M. – Northridge

Grade 8 – Boys

  • 1st           Daniel B. – St. John F.I.
  • 2nd          Jason L. – Stoney Creek
  • 3rd          James C. – W Sherwood Fox
  • 4th          Joshua W. – Stoney Creek
  • 5th          Nick G. – St. John F.I.
  • 6th          Cam M. – East Oxford
  • 7th          Luke C. – Northridge
  • 8th          Tyler S. – Montessori


Grade 3 – Girls

  • 1st           Promise A. – Immanuel Christian
  • 2nd          Vivian D. – Ashley Oaks
  • 3rd          Meriem N. – River Heights
  • 4th          Natalia P. – Our Lady of Lourdes
  • 5th          Samantha G. – Our Lady of Lourdes
  • 6th          Katie G. – Our Lady of Lourdes
  • 7th          Makayla V. – Our Lady of Lourdes
  • 8th          Danielle P. – St. Michael


Grade 4 – Girls

  • 1st           Charlotte C. – Lord Roberts
  • 2nd          Samah S. – Ashley Oaks
  • 3rd          Gina S. – Wilfrid Jury
  • 4th          Mckenna G. – Byron Somerset
  • 5th          Naomi P. – Immanuel Christian
  • 6th          Cheyenne Y. – Pierre Elliott Trudeau
  • 7th          Taylor H. – Northridge
  • 8th          Kayla  V. – Byron Somerset

Grade 5 – Girls

  • 1st           Nicole – St. John F.I.
  • 2nd          Moira – North Meadows
  • 3rd          Anna – SALT
  • 4th          Meya – Ashley Oaks
  • 5th          Cassidy – Wilfrid Jury
  • 6th          Danielle – North Meadows
  • 7th          Jaelyn – London Christian
  • 8th          Shelbi – North Meadows

Grade 6 – Girls

  • 1st           Klare B. – Stoney Creek
  • 2nd          Christina M. – Marie Curie
  • 3rd          Madison A. – St. John F.I.
  • 4th          Diana K. – St. Sebastian
  • 5th          Sydney E. – East Oxford
  • 6th          Brooklyn N. – St. Catherine of Siena
  • 7th          Rachel K. – London Christian
  • 8th          Ciara W. – St. Michael

Grade 7 – Girls

  • 1st           Althea D. – Matthews Hall
  • 2nd          Theresa N. – St. Michael
  • 3rd          Caroline S. – St. Catherine of Siena
  • 4th          Ava D. – St. John F.I.
  • 5th          Robyn G. – Parkview
  • 6th          Isla V. – St. Michael
  • 7th          Rachel C. – St. Michael
  • 8th          Chloe J. – Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Grade 8 – Girls

  • 1st           Elizabeth D. – SALT
  • 2nd          Rita M. – St. Sebastian
  • 3rd          Emily B. – St. Patrick’s
  • 4th          Macie H. – St. Michael
  • 5th          Ashley J. – St. Patrick’s
  • 6th          Amber H. – Byron Somerset
  • 7th          Cassidy P. – Northridge
  • 8th          Erica B. – Byron Somerset


High School

Junior Division-Grades 9 & 10

  • 1st          Yamen – Lucas
  • 2nd        David W. – Central
  • 3rd         Kareem N. – Lucas

Senior Division-Grades 11 & 12

  • 1st          Bowen Z. – Central
  • 2nd        John Z. – Beal
  • 3rd         Josh B. – Lucas

Congratulations to all competitors for their outstanding effort!


Mon-Fai Lee

2016 Grade by Grade Chess Championship

After months of planning, we are ready to host 700 competitors at the 24th annual Grade by Grade Chess Championship tomorrow at the Hellenic Community Centre.  This tournament would not be possible without the extraordinary families who help with set-up each year, individuals who volunteer to score keep and certainly not possible without the outstanding teachers and chess coaches who have prepared their students for this intense tournament.  My heartfelt thanks to all of you!

We welcome the following schools to the 2016 tournament;

  • Ashley Oaks
  • Byron Northview
  • Byron somerset
  • East Oxford
  • Frere Andre
  • Immanuel Christian School
  • L.B. Pearson
  • London Christian Elementary
  • London High Day
  • Matthews Hall
  • Montessori
  • Northridge
  • Northdale Central
  • North Meadows
  • Our Lady of Lourdes
  • Parkview
  • Princess Anne
  • Pierre Elliott Trudeau
  • River Heights
  • Riverside
  • Ryerson
  • SALT
  • St. Catherine of Siena
  • St. John’s French Immersion
  • St. Mary’s
  • St. Michael
  • St. Patrick’s
  • St. Sebastian
  • Stoney Creek
  • Strathroy Community Christian
  • Trinity
  • Wilfrid Jury
  • W Sherwood Fox

Good luck to all competitors!


Mon-Fai Lee

2016 Teams Tournament

The 2016 Teams Tournament was a great success!  Thank you to the Byron Optimist Club for their continued support and thank you to Sean Gregory, principal of Our Lady of Lourdes and members of the Student Parliament for their outstanding organization and assistance.

We had 44 teams compete, competition was fierce and the energy, intense!  Here are the results;

Primary Division

1st Place – Ryerson P.S. Team #2

2nd Place – Riverside P.S. Team #1

3rd Place – Our Lady of Lourdes Team #1

Junior Division

1st Place – East Oxford P.S. Team #2.

2nd Place (Tied) – Riverside P.S. Team #1 & Ryerson P.S. Team #1

3rd Place – Riverside P.S. Team #4

Intermediate Division

1st Place – Riverside P.S. Team #1

2nd Place – Our Lady Immaculate Team #1

3rd Place – Our Lady of Lourdes Team #2

Congratulations to all of the competitors!  We hope to see you on March 30, 2016 for the 24th annual Grade by Grade Chess Championship.


(more tournament photos available under “What’s Happening”, “Tournaments”, 2016 Teams Tournament)