Chess In Schools

Why Offer Chess in Schools?

  • Chess helps kids with many skills;
    – judgment – focus
    – analysis – concentration
    – imagination – memory
    – creativity – sportsmanship
    – patience

  • Chess is an incredibly powerful educational tool and many educators are realizing that.  It is an excellent tool to demonstrate the theme of critical thinking.  During games, a player must formulate a plan of attack or defence.
  • Chess is a game of problem solving, evaluation, intuition and planning – much like the study of mathematics
  • Chess is a game that allows for students of dissimilar backgrounds to integrate with others
  • Chess is for everyone!

Why Does Chess Belong In Schools?

  • It can provide a lifetime hobby
  • It has international appeal
  • It demands that participants exercise their best powers of concentration, planning, judgment, creativity, memory, and decisiion-making

Program Outline

  • 8 lessons per program / 40 minutes per lesson
  • Lessons include instructions and practical application
  • Lessons provided 1 day a week for 8 weeks
  • All equipment is provided

Please contact us for more information or for a complimentary workshop.