Another year…

With summer almost over and fall just around the corner, I must say it has been another extraordinary year.  Summer was extremely busy with 2 fantastic camps.  Our 17th annual Chess Camp and 2nd annual Lego Camp were filled to capacity with excited, talented and ingenious children.

Chess campers learned fundamentals and strategies of this ancient game that is over 1300 years old.  From class 1 full of young minds who had little to no knowledge of chess to class 5, full of experienced strategists, Chess Camp 2015 enlightened and enhanced each child’s cognitive thinking.

Lego camp provided the perfect outlet for all children to explore their natural gift of creating.  Structures;  short and tall, small and large, were realized in this week long camp which also featured dance, drumming and some Mad Science!   As I said, it was busy but so much fun!

As we settle into “back to school” and fall routines, I hope you will bring your child out to City Chess Club which begins Wednesday, September 23rd, 6:45pm at London Waldorf School.  Our first day is an Open House so there is no charge for attending.  This club for elementary students from grades 1 – 7 is a great place for your child to practice, challenge and hone their skills.  Monthly tournaments and chess tips are also part of the club so we hope your child will consider becoming a member of City Chess Club.

For more information, please check out the City Chess Club tab.


Mr. Lee


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