Tournament Results

The 2015 Grade by Grade Chess Championship saw over 30 schools  and 700 elementary students competing in this game of Kings.  Congratulations to all competitors and a special congratulation to everyone who placed in the top 8 in their grade level.  Well done!

A big thank you also goes out to the numerous volunteers who helped score keep.  This event would not be possible without your help.

Until next year…

Mr. Lee

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2015 Results

 Girls’ Division

Grade 3

1st – Charlotte C., Lord Roberts

2nd – Angelica A., St. Michael

3rd – Mckenna K., Caradoc North

4th – Rya F., St. Michael

5th – Luciana T., Byron Northview

6th – Ali B., Trinity

7th – Ocean M., Ashley Oaks

8th – Noria A., Immanuel Christian

Grade 4

1st – Jacklyn J., Wilfred Jury

2nd – Anna D., Home School

3rd – Rachel B., Matthews Hall

4th – Renee M., St. John

5th – Nicole A., St. John

6th – Isabelle S., Byron Somerset

7th – Kathrina W., Matthews Hall

8th – Jaelyn T., London Christian

Grade 5

1st – Mateja V., St. Anthony

2nd – Christina M., Marie Curie

3rd – Madison A., St. John

4th – Rachel K., London Christian

5th – Brooklyn N., St. Catherine of Sienna

6th – Kahlan, J., East Oxford

7th – Ariana T., Byron Northview

8th – Emily B., Trinity

Grade 6

1st – Althea D., Matthews Hall

2nd – Theresa N., St. Michael

3rd – Robyn G., Parkview

4th – Selinia H., Pearson

5th – Ava D., St. John

6th – Mackenzie M., St. Anthony

7th – Mahek D., Tweedsmuir

8th – Nicole M., Our Lady Immaculate

Grade 7

1st – Emily B., St. Patrick

2nd – Ashley J., St. Patrick

3rd – Joclyn C., Riverside

4th – Natasha P., St. Anthony

5th – Elizabeth D., SALT

6th – Mithila, Byron Somerset

7th – Trinity, Tweedsmuir

8th – Malory, St. Patrick

Grade 8

1st – Charee B., Stoney Creek

2nd – Geneva H., Montessori

3rd – Heyejune S., Jack Chambers

4th – Jenna S., St. Anthony

5th – Kiera S., Parkview

6th – Kaitlyn A., Convenant Christian

7th – Julia G., St. Anthony

8th – Christine C., Ashley Oaks

Boys’ Division

Grade 3

1st – Rayan M., Matthews Hall

2nd – Ryan R., Byron Somerset

3rd – Tynan S., Northridge

4th – Trevor M., Ashley Oaks

5th – Pavel Z., Northridge

6th – Ian A., St. Michael

7th – Bennett H., Byron Northview

8th – Fisher B., River Heights

Grade 4

1st – Ethan S., Wilfred Jury

2nd – Osman F., Wilfred Jury

3rd – Riley D., East Oxford

4th – Matteo G., St. John

5th – Kaden, Caradoc North

6th – Jacob S., St. John

7th – Fawz M., Riverside

8th – Noah B., Caradoc North

Grade 5

1st – Raymond T., StoneyBrook

2nd – Nathan C., Lord Roberts

3rd – Layton F.

4th – Min., Matthews Hall

5th – Arjun D.

6th – Adam O., Matthews Hall

7th – Dominic O., W S Fox

8th – Quinn S., Matthews Hall

Grade 6

1st – Adam L., Pearson

2nd – Coby, Northridge

3rd – Cameron, St. Michael

4th – Colin H., Riverside

5th – Alex W., Matthews Hall

6th – Jake, Byron Somerset

7th – Cole M., Matthews Hall

8th – Moe C., Ashley Oaks

Grade 7

1st – Frank H.

2nd – Nick

3rd – Eric

4th – Joshua W.

5th – James W.

6th – Daniel B., St. John

7th – Andrew

8th – Jacob

Grade 8

1st – Matthew Z., Jack Chambers

2nd – Mac, Home School

3rd – Liam M., Marie Curie

4th – Timmy N., St. Michael

5th – Joonas, Montessori

6th -Daniel K., St. Anthony

7th – Liam L., Byron Somerset

8th – Jaxon, Stoney Creek


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