When You Have Big Ideas, You Need a Big Chessboard!

Greetings Everyone!

It was a very busy, very fun day for campers and staff alike as we welcomed everyone to our 13th Annual Chess Camp at Matthews Hall!

At first we thought it would turn into a rain day this morning, but the precipitation only turned the outdoors into a sauna of sorts. Aside from our planned recesses, most of the strenuous activities moved into the less humid atmosphere of the gym. Not that the kids seemed deterred by the heat, as witness our happy chess campers above! And then there were freezies near the end of the day to cool and refresh us all.

Today, we sent the annual Chess T-Shirts home with the campers (it was great to see vintage camp t-shirts on some of our returning campers!), alongside our City Chess Club brochure and Camp Week Coupon for the Fall and Winter/Spring Chess Club.   Additionally, we sent home a photo permission form for parents to fill out and return to the Camp. Please indicate your consent or lack thereof on the form. We hope to post photos from this year’s Chess Camp on this blog for parents and campers to enjoy, and visible name tags are always edited out of the pictures.

It’ll be another busy day tomorrow, as Sifu Richard Chau joins us for the Martial Arts component of the camp!
Please make sure your camper is supplied with a water bottle, sunscreen, and hat, and we will try to ensure they make use of them!

As a reminder to parents:

Camp drop-off begins at 8:30 am
Camp begins at 8:50 am
Camp ends at 3:45 pm

We know this is a very hot week, but we ask that parents and guardians follow Camp and School Policy and remain in the school yard to await the general exodus of the campers at the end of the day.
If you find waiting outside in the yard too oppressive, please make arrangements with your camper to meet you at the West Gate where you can remain in your car for a drive-by pick-up (this gate is monitored by Camp staff).

Whew! That was a lot of info!
And of course, If your camper will be late or absent, please inform us immediately at 519-471-1506.

Looking forward to another wonderful day! Cheers for now!


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